The National Electronic Mass Media Council (NEPLP) is an independent, autonomous institution that represents the public interest in the field of electronic mass media. The Council supervises the compliance of the operations of electronic mass media with the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, Electronic Mass media law, and other relevant legislation.

The National Electronic Mass Media Council works according to the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia, Electronic Mass Media Law, and other regulations.

The Council follows international changes and developments in audiovisual policy and is responsible for producing the National Strategy for the Development of the Electronic Mass Media. It is a member of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) and regularly takes part in its meetings. The Council also participates in conferences, seminars, and discussions organised by European organisations, such as the European Commission, the Council of Europe, and other regulatory authorities. The NEPLP works closely with the Lithuanian and Estonian regulators.

The state budget is providing necessary finances for all NEPLP acts, including the provision of the public service remit. The request of the Council's budget until the submission of the draft budget law to the Cabinet not be amended without coordination with the Council.